More exercise is almost always better. – #fitness #exercise #aerobic #training #nutrition #longevity #lifespan

  We need to hear less about minimum exercise requirements and more about how more exercise is better. Every wonder why aerobic capacity seems to be not transferable from one sport to another. People need to consider the range. It's really a misconception, but non-transferable capacity is consistent with most people's experience. Why? I know of no theory that could possibly explain why capacity doesn't transfer between sports. Now you have probably surmised that I have discovered the answer to this conundrum. I think I have the reason. Advanced aerobic training is required to create a capacity that is transferable to other sports. This is observable in the triathletes. The failure to realize this resides in the common misconception that there is a minimum amount of necessary exercise. This is false. As a result of this misconception, people's musculature is under-developed, and they falsely perceive that aerobic capacity isn't transferred. More exercise is almost always better. 

People can explain why Obama’s account is not banned, when he says he is going to wrongfully drop bombs on people. #syria #isis #iraq

People can explain why Obama's account is not banned, when he says he is going to wrongfully drop bombs on people. #syria #isis #iraq

Some notes on #longevity criticisms


Longevity is not a vain pursuit. It reflects quality of life, like birth rate, infant mortality, and general rates of disease and mortality. Some will know that I'm a Mormon, . If longevity is not a value, then everlasting life is not a value either. Quality. The longevity pursuit has been glad handled with accusations of basic human foibles, such as vanity & self-aggrandizement. These are false. The most convenient way to defeat your legitimate interest in longevity is to launch into a smear job against the practitioners. We see this again and again. Beneficial practices are subjected to viral smear jobs by over-competitive types with a malign motive. This merciless practice reflects their fallacy. They don't live any longer by shortening other peoples lives. Sadly people are taken in by such campaigns, which are attempts to keep them and their descendants under the proverbial thumb. Longevity does not reject altruism and self-sacrifice. It is only some malign folks that want all the longevity for themselves.
So here are the before and after shots, about ten years apart. 
Here is a current shot of the lobes. ;-)

Michael L. Love – Lobes


Michael L. Love


Flickr image broken now. Perhaps it was my mention that this photo breaks facial recognition software. Lobes Pikchur Personally, I think it may be discrimination against people with glasses. ;-) BTW, if you are interested in the address of the Pikchur feed, here it is. I try to keep it current.

Assumption: perceived hunger level is a valid measure. – #training #swimming #running #health #food #diet #nutrition #fitness #carfree #biking #centuryride

If you are like me, you are hungry most of the time, and well able

to eat a sufficient amount of food to produce the effect of obesity.
While this may seem like a trivial observation, it is not. It is  
merely commonplace. Some careful thinking yields helpful insights.
How many calories are needed? 
I think most people have the urge to eat far more calories than they
actually need to sustain a basic level of life. There is this 
unfortunate tendency to mystify the basal metabolic rate, but it is
dead easy to measure. Just measure the average weight loss during 
a sustained fast, and calculate the equivalent number of calories.
For a man of average size the number is around 1500 calories. This
is the number of calories that are needed to sustain basic life  
Why do we desire more than the minimum required amount of food? 
Obesity is clearly not the solution, but rather the problem. The 
only reasonable answer to this question is that we need to be doing
the amount of work that is commensurate with the amount of calories
that we desire to consume. In essence, our hunger is our incentive
to work. 
How much work is required?
Unfortunately, most people have no concept of the
amount of work that is required to burn off this many calories. An
afternoon in the gym may only burn only a few hundred calores, but by 
the measure of hunger, we must burn calories by the thousand.  
Consistently applied effort will yield the desired result. 
How hungry are you? Why be hungry all the time? Eat what you want, 
then work it off. 
There is obviously much more that can be said about this subject.
Hopefully people will share their insights. I'll be posting more about it later on.

Longevity, strength, and fasting – #longevity #strength #weight #fasting #calorie #athletes #running #runners #exercise


Sorry to report that this may be somwhat of a bad edit. The information is important, but I wish I had more time with this draft. Urgent need to post key info. More later.



Clearly, losing weight should not be the goal for everyone. Want to extend your life? Avoid too much sitting. – [Harv Womens Health Watch. 2014] – PubMed – NCBI Some evidence that physical activity and fasting (CR) are similarly linked to longevity. – NCBI

We should consider the problem that enhanced longevity has not been the aim of training research. Much room for improvement. Much more work can be done, because strength and endurance capacity improvements are linked to enhanced longevity. The cohort of athletic types is now sufficiently large to produce meaningful longevity data. Much of the work is already done. We have excruciatingly detailed data on how to produce strength improvements,but not much on related longevity improvements. Why? It may not be necessary to conduct a protracted longevity study to get the answers we are looking for.

I think what is needed is a focus on best practices among those who are already engaged in life extension. Comparing to the general population is of limited utility, because this method cannot identify best practices. Perhaps the calorie utilization of a fasting person is a better baseline. It is easy to measure.

It can get a little nutty when people go buy a 1000 calorie super meal after burning a couple hundred at the gym. It could literally take you hours of intense to burn off that super size meal. I'm thinking of winding down the tweets, but I'll say this. I've been a dedicated bicycle commuter for over 30 years… Virtually nothing has opened my eyes to exercise and metabolism like the did. I'm not going back. I'd imagine that first time marathon runners have a similar feeling…. Burning several times the necessary daily calories in a single run makes a lasting impression. There is someone who told you that too much is unhealthful. They were trying to deceive you.


Some have said that I'm not a real deep thinker ;-). Others say that talking too much about is actually counter-productive. These days I'm more suspicious. Maybe we should be talking about more instead of less. Is it bragging or encouragement? Some say you shouldn't bother running many miles, if you are too slow. These days we know that is probably bad advice. The idea is that more people will benefit from if we talk about it more. It's not just for athletes. It is time to hear from the people whose ideas were classified by US gov. Enough of the secrets! We should no longer tolerate that research is funded by the people who want to keep the results to themselves. Sadly I had to tell one woman that she could not lose any weight by stair climbing alone. Let's turn on the lights! I've just had it with the BS factory. info is for everyone, not just professional athletes. I did 2 trips in 3 days. 2 days later I'm back to normal, better than normal. Why can't we communicate this? One problem is abit of collusion between highly competitive people and other people who are looking for any excuse to avoid working out. People aggregate to the minimum requirements and get sub-standard results as expected. The whole minimum requirements concept is deceptive. More produces better results. This is what we should be teaching. So who is pushing the minimum requirements meme? US MSM.  Is anyone left who is surprised that they are lying to us? They will have their elite athlete rock stars tho. What would happen to all those pharma consumers, if people exercised more than the minimum requirements? It is time to apply information sharing to training research.

#CenturyRide from #Baltmore #Maryland to #Lineboro and #Manchester Maryland -

Looks like the photos got left out. Here they are.

More photos from Lineboro and Manchester Maryland from my second century ride.

#CenturyRide from #Baltmore #Maryland to #Lineboro and #Manchester Maryland -

Here are some more photos from Lineboro and Manchester Maryland from my second century ride. In addition I have some more notes regarding the biochemistry of training fatigue.

Seems to me that much of the discomfort of endurance training comes from benzoate derivatives binding to TRPV1 channels. As the exercise proceeds metabolic end produces, like these benzoate derivatives, build up in the system. I had suspected this TRPV1 effect, but became more convinced when the halbanero jack cheese tasted much hotter after my workouts. It very likely that this TRPV1 effect explains some of the burning sensations that people feel during training. Try it out, and see what you think.

The prediction is that the burning sensations are the same feelings associated with habanero peppers, only perhaps not as severe. The effect of these benzoate derivatives would also go farther to explain the heartburn sensations that are sometimes associated with exercise and physical training. Many of these benzoate derivatives are likely similar enough in structure to capsaicin to bind to the TRPVI channel. Many athletes avoid peppers for these reasons, but another strategy would load the system with capsaicin in an attempt to elicit the response that reduces TRPV1 receptors leading to fatigue reduction.

I’m now convinced that metabolic end products like these contribute the lion’s share of longevity increase that we see in endurance athletes. Many athletic types complain about these metabolic end products, but a favorable balance of these compounds also likely explains enhanced endurance. Analogously, monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles, and their bodies are full of “toxin”.

IMHO, substantial longevity gains are available to people who make life extension the goal, instead of winning the race. Here are some related articles.

Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements?

The sound of a bat could make you run faster. ;-)
Birds, bats, and bicycles

Regarding training advice

Constant harping on minimal exercise requirements produces one adverse effect. As a result of this over-emphasis on minimal requirements, people don’t exercise enough. In what other arena do we accept advice from people who are not very experienced?

The notion is unfortunately almost trite. Fatigue produces chemical compounds that help the body resist fatigue and extend life. Many of the most crucial of these beneficial compounds are retained in the body long after the workout is over. It is the same reason we sometimes favor the vegetables that have been stressed, the stunted colorful corn, ugly tomatoes, and astringent berries. These plants all have similar natural compounds as are produced by human exercise fatigue. By understanding that fatigue biochemistry is very much like CR memetics, flavonoids, and other polyphenols, we can make better use of our training regimens to advance longevity.

Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements? – #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #nutrition #swimming #training

I've been thinking that swimmer's ear results primarily from excess ear wax. If I could beat that, I'd likely be in the water. Maybe a nice long fast will help with the ear wax and swimmer's ear. I'm planning one for this winter. If true, then more endurance may also help with ear wax, swimmer's ear issue.

Health problems associated with heavy training have been blown way out of proportion. Endurance athletes tend to be long lived. A theory can be proposed because an increase in capacity is associated with more longevity. Exercise is like CR and fasting. OTOH, a medical loss of capacity is associated with bad outcomes. This is also in the folk wisdom. A feeble handshake is associated with dire prospects. The theory predicts that a measured loss of hand strength is associated with bad outcomes. The kick is in the obverse. An increase in strength or endurance is a predictor of a longer life. It's not the scaler. Endurance changes yield a larger change in life expectancy than strength changes, but they are both valuable. A change in capacity is the predictor of outcomes. Strength and endurance changes are easily measurable. If the theory is true, then strength & endurance monitoring is life expectancy monitoring. 

It appears that CR-memetics, like flavonoids and other polyphenols speed acquisition of strength and endurance capacity. This observation supports the theory and implies that changes in athletic capacity are indeed coupled to changes in expected longevity. It also supports the notion that CR, memesis, and improved athleticism combine to improve longevity. Use them all together to get a better result. Athletic improvements may translate directly to a longer lifespan. If you are dubious about this theory, check the literature for grip strength correlates. It is an easy test. My test will be the swimmer's ear. I'm expecting improvement.

Yes, it is an easy test, and a valualble one. We have been lacking a way to measure our longevity progress in the short term. If this theory is true, then we have a new compass. 

Regarding training advice – #Ferguson #Prepping #aerobic #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #isis #jamesfoley #maryland #nutrition #training

Some best gains came on bicycle vacations, where I rode long distances every day. Just add more recovery days at the end. I have no doubt that big strength gains can come from working out on consecutive days,but more rest days are also needed If you have a setback, no worries. Muscle loss is easy to recover, so push the limit.

My first century ride, 112 miles. \u2013 PrettyBoy Dam \u2013

People should consider that Americans may receive bad advice masquerading as good advice. The problem is expected to worsen. For example, if the US economy is under attack, then Americans may receive unwise financial advice. People who are angry with the US government may direct their anger at the American people. US governmental agencies may fail in their obligation to protect Americans. Areas of possible attacks include bad advice regarding child-bearing, exercise, fitness, food, health, & nutrition. Capital investment may withheld and withdrawn as an attack on the US economy. People may be directed into unprofitable and diversionary schemes. Fortunately, the situation is not all gloom&doom, and a person can prepare for these adversities…. Prepping, financial preparation, and the acquisition of as much knowledge as possible are counter-measures. We need not just guns, but strong, healthy, knowledgeable, well-prepared people behind every blade of grass. Are you really going to spend the rest of your life as a tool, being manipulated by every black flag on TV? All of these problems are expected to get worse now, so get prepared for it, while you still can. Get trained now.



Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.

Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.

More #centuryride thoughts. #training #carfree #biking #fitness #health #exercise #ebola

One thing that triggered my writing today was that realization that heavy training gives me immediate relief from so many minor problems. This must be an alien feeling for most people. Just go to Google&try variations on the phrase "I feel so much better…" I felt much better after working out in the cold weather last year. Just can't escape the conclusion that most people don't get this. I rode my bicycle over 100 miles last Saturday, and today I feel much better than I have felt in a long time. Tomorrow, I might feel worse, if I don't work out again. I think most people have this exactly backwards. I used to get sore after working out. Now, I get more sore, when I don't work out. I'm not describing a bad thing. It is a good thing. Arthritics for example are well aware of this phenomenon. Work makes you feel better, not worse. Exercise is not an addiction or a distraction. It is what we need. Go and look at the photos of Ebola victims. It is clear that many of them got it from having sex with an infected person. It is clear that people have an unfortunate view of what is good for them. Sadly, I sometimes think that I'll be left with bats for company.

Birds, bats, and bicycles – #biking #training #fitness #ferguson #m aryland #health #carfree #baltimore #nutrition #centuryride #exercise #food

This looks like one of the best brain comparison images out there, includes human, elephant, and dolphin. Well, if you look at a dolphin brain from another direction, it might appear as larger than the human brain. If you really want to expand your mind, try a whale brain.

I’m surprised that we don’t see more vegetarians pointing out the eating habits of the largest animals on earth. Things often go badly for large predators; broken teeth, jaw infections, parasites, and other diseases. Larger brains seem reserved to more judicious eaters. I’m just imagining what it would be like to be bigger than a house, and eat nothing much but plankton, lots of plankton. Human success probably derives in part from the fact that they feed on large grazing animals, one step away from the grass.

Now to the bats. Many species of fruit bats also feed on abit of blood from time to time, no? I’d like to see the look on some rancher’s faces, when you tell them that the fruit bats don’t feed on cattle blood. Like the birds, the bats sacrificed brain size in order to fly. I think bats are adorable, but perhaps not so appetizing. Too much like flying rodents. OTOH, if you have ever heard bat utterances, you might give up bird songs.

Bats see in the infrared. Humans must look quite tasty sometimes. One thing I like about bicycling. One can avoid most flying creatures. Just pedal harder. I’m consistently missed by the dive-bombing angry birds. :-) Now that I’ve been working out more, I identify more with the songs of hungry bats.

This ‘fruit bats’ notion is abit of misnomer. It deserves more study.

My first century ride, 112 miles. – #biking #carfree #training #fitness #baltimore #maryland Rb3F

Here is the Lineboro photo, which didn’t come thru.

My first century ride, 112 miles. – #biking #carfree #training #fitness #exercise #health #aerobic #baltimore #maryland

Some photos from my century ride yesterday in Harford county, New Freedom PA, Lineboro, Manchester, and Westminster MD. 112 miles through some beautiful countryside.

#DontShoot protest in Baltimore – #ferguseon #mikebrown #opferguson #occupybaltimore

Just a few shots from the protest, including Baltimore’s tactical police vehicle.


#DontShoot protest in Baltimore – #mikebrown #ferguson #opferguson #occupybaltimore

Just a few photos, including one shot of the Baltimore tactical police vehicle.


The evidence is ready at hand. #Baltimore/Annapolis trail has attracted some great development. #biking #carfree #training #maryland

 The evidence is ready at hand. #Baltimore/Annapolis trail has attracted some great development. #biking #carfree #training #maryland

More on Jones Falls Trail – #biking #carfree #training #fitness #health #exercise #aerobic

I checked out the boundaries of the Jones Falls Trail last night.
The proposed stretch of Jones Falls Trail near Mt. Washington Pool looks beautiful. There'll be challenging switchbacks no doubt.. Looks like the woods were blocked off for recovery. They are thick and lovely. Ready access to a great bike trail should make the surrounding real estate more attractive.  Bicyclists who respect the green path will be attracted to the quiet beauty of this area of this area of Baltimore. More bicyclists means less noise.

Multibanding versus #censorship – #OpBlackout

It is gratifying to see how easy it is to spread knowledge of things that are not published in US MSM. I call it multibanding. By linking our sites together, we amplify our message and defeat censorship. This is one of the things I like about Tumblr and other reblogging services. Inline sharing fights censorship by spreading multiple copies of the message. Multibanding is like reblogging & reweeting, except the same message is published in full on multiple sites. When there is a sufficient number of links, tweets, and redundancy; censorship of the message is virtually impossible. Don't leave a chokehold for the censors. Make your messaging robust& defeat censorship by using these multibanding techniques.


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