proclus : Michael L. Love: writing and riding

Michael L. Love: writing and riding
I have been busy writing. Some of it may appear here eventually. It is unclear to me that community members are interested in broader personal information, other than that which is focused on one of the four main interest categories. And I am inclined at this time to put such information elsewhere. Such is the case with the article I wrote today.

Google, user interests, and biasing factors

Data from the community blog post tables assisted my conclusions. That is how I spent my morning. There is more in the pipe, such as some autobiographical information. I am currently thinking that community members are less interested in topics that do not fall strictly under the four goal/interest categories. Which is the main reason I have been posting such material elsewhere. I think that this article is germane to anyone who wants to promote their blog, which many in the community might find helpful. It is like the code I developed for blog extraction, and I am posting to all four groups because of this fact.

I split my bicycle rim this week, and I will likely spend the afternoon spoking it out. This problem is due to the magnesium, which is much softer than conventional bicycle materials. Other bicycles would be less expensive, more reliable, and stronger, as I describe in the winter bicycling articles. This is the disadvantage of riding in style, but I think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The light weight and attention-getting appearance are the main advantages of this ultra-light bicycle. The crucial action is that people see the bicyclist. In addition to promoting the sport, it is good for the continued health and well being of the rider, as well as the writer.


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    Published Saturday, February 27, 2010 02:27 PM by proclus

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