Labor day #bike trip – NCR Trail – Baltimore to York PA, round trip – #bicycle #biking

Here are some typical spots along the NCR trail, which extends from Baltmore Maryland to York Pennsylvania.  There are waterfalls and other beautiful places.  In Pennsylvania, the old rails are still in place along the trail.  I stayed in a cabin in Maryland, near the Pennsylvania border.  My camera phone took a little moisture along the way, as you can see in the last shot, but fortunately, it kept working. If you try this, you might want to keep your phone in a water-proof sack.



I managed to explore York, New Freedom, and Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania.  The trip covered about 90 miles in 3 days, and I earned my Presidential Champions Gold Medal in the Presidents Challenge program.  You can read about that at the link below.  I had a great holiday, and feel a sense of accomplishment as well, not bad for a 50+ year old man.

After 35 years of bicycle commuting, I am taking well to the extended range. If you choose to do this trip, I recommend a season of training prior to leaving. IMHO, you need to be able to consistently ride at least 20 miles as part of your regular workout.



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