re: I thought the NSA was bad

Hey –

I just got this email from Demand Progress about a bill called the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which allows hundreds of government agencies (besides the NSA) to access to our email — without a warrant!

Enacted in 1986 before most people had a computer or used email, ECPA says agencies like the IRS, FBI, and DEA can access your stored emails and documents in the cloud without getting a warrant from a judge.

Click here to put a stop to this ridiculous violation of our constitutional rights:

Fortunately, Congress is considering a bill — the Email Privacy Act — that would ensure all government agencies get a warrant for online communications. The bill, HR 1852 in the House, has already picked up 175 cosponsors from both parties. To pass, it needs 218 votes.

It’s crucial that we get more cosponsors – to push support for the bill over the top.

Click here to contact your Representative in Congress and urge them to cosponsor this bipartisan, commonsense privacy bill:

We need to put a stop to this. Thank you.

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