Some reflections on longevity, calorie restriction, and athleticism

I've added a sufficient amount of muscle that the fat meter is reading is getting a little skewy. It was easy to demonstrate this error with calipers and body tape. Definition going up with a stable fat reading was the warning sign. If you really want to increase your metabolism, adding muscle mass is the most direct way to get big gains in metabolism. The amount of exercise that is required to add this much muscle mass will also burn alot of calories. In my experience, there is no way to do this without exceeding the minimum recommended exercise requirements. I'm really looking forward to another season of bicycle touring around the countryside. The current regimen tests if a combination of near-athletic level exercise combined w/CR-related methods bring additive longevity benefits.

I see so many people engaged in the pursuit of longevity, but their muscles are wasting due to the CR. Isn't this counter-productive? By exercising near the athletic level, you can enjoy more food. Make use of CR-memesis for the larger benefit. It also protects your muscles Near-athletic level exercise may overcome the shortcomings of the memetics, and get us to the goal. That's the current experiment. A longer life will be far more attractive, if muscle mass is conserved, and you may have more company as a result. 😉

It is crucial for people to remember that fat masks over muscle loss, which is easily neglected. Don't miss out on any additive benefit. Unlike many of the other signs of aging, muscle loss is readily reversed. Let's be real about longevity. Increased lifespan will be far more enjoyable, if you can eat more of the foods that you like. Make use of those muscles. Use or lose.

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