Some telltale signs of gmo crops. #gmo #gelobbyday #gmos #food

This needs abit of crowdsourcing. Add to the list.


I found some reports of non-uniform growth and product in golden rice, just like I've been observing in the gmo corn. There are also some reports of genomic instability in the golden rice. It is very likely that people will find the same complaints about golden rice that we have had with the gmo corn and soy. If there is widespread golden rice cultivation, people should go out to the countryside and make a visual comparison to common rice. Some things to look for might include unusual variation in plant height, water tolerance, and susceptibility to mold and pests.


In fact, everyone should take some time in the country and look for the telltale signs fo gmo crops. Go to the county fairs, and take some time to talk to the farmers. You might be surprised to learn their positive opinion of organic, non-gmo foods. If we crowdsource this problem, we will be more likely to get the desired result.

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