stocky carrot greens – #health #food #biking #carfree #fitness

I put some carrot greens in my nachos today. They are a little tough, but add great texture when cooked. I recommend adding a little yogurt or raw cheese once in a while to get the most out of the fiber. Healthy people are strong. Strong people are stout. Stout people are powerful. Powerful people stand up for their #rights If you are getting tired of your greens & vegetables, try adding a little summer sausage once in a while to alter the flavor. Why not commit to a strenuous training regimen this season? Make use of the energy the warmer season brings. There are reports that people can dump the lipid pills, & they feel better, when they get more exercise instead. So, why not bone up this summer, and invest in yourself instead of lazy parasitic motor culture.

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