Some more thoughts about heavy training – #health #food #biking #carfree #fitness

 After a few seasons of training, I've realized that muscle growth leads to new nerve pathways, and these new pathways must be desensitized. Heavy training means exercising to the point of stress and strain, which leads to the release of stress hormones. Many of these stress hormones are androgenic and sculpt the body. You gain muscle, and lose a little somewhere else. This sculpting process affects joints,bones,blood vessels, the blood itself,&ultimately nerve pathways. Improvements abound in the ability to supply oxygen to the muscles&experience finer grained sensations. I fear that people give up training,since the experience of these new sensations is too intense for them … or people overindulge in food, alchohol,  or anti-inflammatories as a way of treating their discomforts. Such measures delay the natural and beneficial process of training. It is better to learn to distinguish pain from discomfort. Learn anatomy and study the new sensations instead of fighting them. Continue training to desensitize new neural pathways. The caveat is important. Training improves strength and endurance. I those things are not improving, then the regimen needs adjustment. Strain to joints and nerve pathways requires a longer time to recover, so don't forget to rest too. Another good sign of sculpting is that the discomfort moves from one part of the body to another. The body repairs this then that. Expect the discomforts to be in one place, then another later, seldom rising above a certain threshold. As a lifelong bicycle commuter, I'm getting alot of improvement in the quadriceps from heavy training. Discomforts have improved to a fine grained sensation, first in one part of the muscle, then in another. As the blood supply improves, new nerve pathways are laid down, which gives rise to these finer grained sensations. So don't be disconcerted about new sensations that are part of heavy training, & evolve over the years. I recommend experimenting with neuro-active peppers to get an idea of the scope of the new sensations that are possible in heavy training. A resistance to pepper spray may also come in handy some day. 😉 Anyone who is engaged in strength training can be expected to experience this evolution, at least in part, so be prepared for it.

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