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You can read this article about the Labor day trip I did on the NCR trail, and see the photos in Google+ and Flickr.

Labor day trip – NCR Trail – Baltimore to York PA, round trip – http://bit.ly/HIVOPX 

Labor day trip – NCR Trail – Baltimore to York PA, round trip – | Flickr – Photo Sharing! http://bit.ly/1qUjoyP

Labor day trip – NCR Trail – Baltimore to York PA, round trip – http://bit.ly/Tohnsv

Labor day trip – NCR Trail – Baltimore to York PA, round trip – – http://bit.ly/UuFmnS

I enjoy stopping at this pizza place in Shrewsbury PA, Sal's Pizza. Terrific calzones & right on Susquehanna/York Rd.

These days, I'm more inclined to get off the NCR trail and take the back roads. York Rd. is very passable.

Glen Rock Trip in new Google maps with altitude. \u2013 http://bit.ly/1qyiCCJ More on the ride to Glen Rock PA. – http://bit.ly/1o6zGTb

You may not be ready for a full trans-continental ride. I'm not, but you can train for it today. These railroad bike trails are great. It is possible to maintain the required level without actually doing the trans-continental ride. Work up to the point where it is not unusual to ride 70-100 miles in one day. You are there. I like the suggestion of training to 20 miles first, which the average person should be able to handle. When you are comfortable with the 20 mile rides, then try going out for a very long ride on the weekend. Take your time, but log some miles. Riding the full length of the trail to York&back would be a great example of a long ride. Maybe take three days. If you live in Annapolis take the train from Glen Bernie to the NCR trail head. You can also catch this train from BWI airport. It's a great way to spend Labor Day weekend. They do allow bikes on the train, but there is also a place to rent bicycles near the NCR trail head. The NCR trail is great, but getting off the trail is even better. Another great place nearby is Hereford, MD. The view is fabulous. Hereford is not far from PrettyBoy dam. http://bit.ly/WvBkSY  It is also possible to catch the Jones Falls trail from the light rail train, at Woodbury. http://bit.ly/XtaZVO If you ride near Hereford&PrettyBoy, I suggest turning north to the Pennsylvania hills. http://bit.ly/1qOYc8Z

If you got this far, you might like to know that I'm a biochemist in addition to an avid bicyclist. You can read my longevity articles at the following link. I think this program depends on the information in these articles.

Michael L. Love: Longevity articles summary http://bit.ly/1pKBH3h

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