Birds, bats, and bicycles – #biking #training #fitness #ferguson #m aryland #health #carfree #baltimore #nutrition #centuryride #exercise #food

This looks like one of the best brain comparison images out there, includes human, elephant, and dolphin. Well, if you look at a dolphin brain from another direction, it might appear as larger than the human brain. If you really want to expand your mind, try a whale brain.

I’m surprised that we don’t see more vegetarians pointing out the eating habits of the largest animals on earth. Things often go badly for large predators; broken teeth, jaw infections, parasites, and other diseases. Larger brains seem reserved to more judicious eaters. I’m just imagining what it would be like to be bigger than a house, and eat nothing much but plankton, lots of plankton. Human success probably derives in part from the fact that they feed on large grazing animals, one step away from the grass.

Now to the bats. Many species of fruit bats also feed on abit of blood from time to time, no? I’d like to see the look on some rancher’s faces, when you tell them that the fruit bats don’t feed on cattle blood. Like the birds, the bats sacrificed brain size in order to fly. I think bats are adorable, but perhaps not so appetizing. Too much like flying rodents. OTOH, if you have ever heard bat utterances, you might give up bird songs.

Bats see in the infrared. Humans must look quite tasty sometimes. One thing I like about bicycling. One can avoid most flying creatures. Just pedal harder. I’m consistently missed by the dive-bombing angry birds. 🙂 Now that I’ve been working out more, I identify more with the songs of hungry bats.

This ‘fruit bats’ notion is abit of misnomer. It deserves more study.

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