Some notes on #longevity criticisms


Longevity is not a vain pursuit. It reflects quality of life, like birth rate, infant mortality, and general rates of disease and mortality. Some will know that I'm a Mormon, . If longevity is not a value, then everlasting life is not a value either. Quality. The longevity pursuit has been glad handled with accusations of basic human foibles, such as vanity & self-aggrandizement. These are false. The most convenient way to defeat your legitimate interest in longevity is to launch into a smear job against the practitioners. We see this again and again. Beneficial practices are subjected to viral smear jobs by over-competitive types with a malign motive. This merciless practice reflects their fallacy. They don't live any longer by shortening other peoples lives. Sadly people are taken in by such campaigns, which are attempts to keep them and their descendants under the proverbial thumb. Longevity does not reject altruism and self-sacrifice. It is only some malign folks that want all the longevity for themselves.
So here are the before and after shots, about ten years apart. 
Here is a current shot of the lobes. 😉
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