Obama is a traitor. – #isis #syria #airstrikes #isil #iraq #syriaairstrikes #tlot #msm #wetheppl #uniteblue #uae #truth #tgdn #tcot #rkba #p2 #obamabombingsyria #isisairstrikes #is #beheading #2a

  When people stop lying for Obama, we will be far better off. The deaths of innocent people clearly means nothing to these goons in DC. Am I the only one who feels we walked right into their trap? Ravi Grivois-Shah @RGrivoisShah · 4h Michael L. Love retweeted So they show and we show What a world. joseph granda @grandaart · 4h Michael L. Love retweeted They kill a handful of Americans so we send air strikes to a handful of their CITIES?! Alex Dean Radford @AlexDeanRadford · 12h Michael L. Love retweeted People should vote out the lapdogs that supported traitorous Obama. Obama has fundamentally breached the faith of the people who elected him to office. His supporters should be voted out. It is crucial to disavow the criminal actions of US gov, and disengage from their media, their products, and their politics. We must fundamentally undermine the incentives that led to barbaric US aggression. They claim falsely that the majority of Americans support their actions…. We must let our discontent ring out! We must melt their ears! WE DO NOT SUPPORT BLOODY US ACTIONS!

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