My position has not changed. #syria #isis #tcot #iraq #kobane #isil #pjnet #kobani #obama #ISIS #usa #unitedstates #raqqa #mittromney #kurdistan #islam #iran #codepink #beheading #bds #Obama #9/11


ISIS has not killed any innocent American women and children. That is what Obama does. More No terrorist organization has killed as many innocent people as the US has, not even close.  
Now they blow things up and say ISIS did.  This type of deception is so typical of US. I am outraged that anyone supports US.  It is crucial to disavow the criminal actions of US gov, and disengage from their media, their products, and their politics.  We should do whatever we can do to resist US war plans.  We hear how the US so carefully targets their enemies. Yeah, they are very careful to kill alot of innocent civilians.  We need to teach the US a lesson that people will not tolerate what they are doing.
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