#ProLife – We now have a chance of victory.

http://www.operationrescue.org/ Operation Rescue \u2014 Stop Abortion Now!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_pro-life_movement \u2026 United States pro-life movement – Wikipedia, the free …
http://prolifeaction.org/about/ About the Pro-Life Action League
http://studentsforlife.org/prolifefacts/abortion-facts/ \u2026 Abortion Facts | Students for Life

Seems to me that young people are avoiding pregnancy more. Maybe they don’t want an abortion?

Johnston’s Archive gets high marks for data and graphs. – statistics and other data http://bit.ly/1J1mGYz
Operation Rescue has a great data and graphs page. – Abortions In America http://bit.ly/1CI1GEO

Sadly, abortion rates may be falling only because people are having less children. The counter-argument is that the general public has a less favorable view of abortion than they have had in years. Second Amendment Foundation has an unparalleled data and graphs archive. We could really use something like that for the pro life community. With so many women having abortions, why don’t we know more about outcomes. A human life is taken, and we have so much trouble studying the societal effect. We cannot be content with over 1 million abortions every year. It’s time for a big change. If someone knows of other great pro life activism data that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know.

http://www.nrlc.org/ National Right to Life | The nation’s oldest & largest pro-life …
http://www.mdrtl.org/ Maryland Right to Life
The Family: A Proclamation to the World http://bit.ly/1RAeROY
http://www.prolife.com/ Pro-Life America http://prolifeaction.org/
Pro-Life Action League https://prolifeacrossamerica.org/baby-developmental-facts/ \u2026
Baby Developmental Facts – Prolife Across America

I really am signing up for all the action lists. Go to all the websites, study the data, & sign up for email alerts and activism.

http://studentsforlife.org/prolifefacts/abortion-facts/ \u2026 Students for Life’s great compilation of risks. Breathe of fresh air!

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