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All of the current situation has me wondering about the next great leap forward for longevity. I think the clue to this is in the risk mitigation article…


We can expect many incremental longevity benefits in the future, but the big gains are going to come from mitigation of high-risk activities. The reason for this is not hard to see. Once the indefinite lifespan is obtained, the focus shifts to accident avoidance, etc. People would like to avoid the sad irony of being proverbially hit by a bus after many decades of longevity pursuit. Physics may provide final answers to the last longevity quandary, which has then moved beyond the sphere of the life sciences. The mind boggles on approach to this problem, but I have thought of a few interim solutions. We need a new discipline of future science that focuses on longevity, so that we can predict hazards and avoid them. In the meantime, expand your knowledge and insight, in order to avoid problems that could impact longevity. Fortunately, the longevity pursuit assists the kind of intelligence that will solve this ultimate longevity quandary. In due course, we may obtain the means to foresee, avoid, and even reverse bad outcomes. Exciting times are ahead!

Michael L. Love

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