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Some notes about #Iron and #Fitness. – #fitness #running #biking #iron #lifespan #aerobic #nutrition #exercise #prepping #longevity #health #food #carfree #run #polyphenols #flavonoids

High RBC counts should help with the retention of iron.

NIH:Study shows iron supplementation after blood donation shortens hemoglobin recovery time http://1.usa.gov/1Ah75iV

I recommend stopping iron supplementation after the suggested number of weeks. People who give blood regularly will likely know if they are in the low or high iron group.

Did great on the hills, so probably right about blood donation, etc. I think the added capacity means more iron free hemoglobin sites available.  It would be great to have supplementation guidelines for well-conditioned athetes, so that they don’t overshoot. Too iron much is bad. It’s also likely best to leave a surplus of iron free hemoglobin sites, to clear free iron after RBC turnover.

Given all those caveats, well-conditioned athletes likely have sufficient excess heme to benefit greatly from additional iron. The possibility of providing for additional oxygen transport is very alluring. I can’t rule out the possibility that the two iron pills also helped on the hills. If you don’t believe 2 pills could help, then crunch the numbers. You will see for yourself.

I see some evidence of over-ingestion of in the athletic community. This is bad folks. Please avoid. Those studying exercise cardiomyopathy should check for over-ingestion of iron, etc. As a reminder, too much iron is problematic. The NIH used a low dose. 

Here is another link to the NIH blood supplementation article

Along with the caveat, I’m also grateful that iron supplements are readily available to anyone, without a prescription. The human body does all the marvelous iron chemistry w/ 4.2 grams of the stuff total.  It is likely that microgram levels of iron supplementation could have a large effect over the course of time. To put this in perspective, the body has a more than a full kilogram of calcium. Unlike iron, calcium has relatively low toxicity

I strongly recommend the cast iron griddles to protect your supply. Don’t overcook on the iron griddles tho. That’s another big problem! Google has a list of iron food sources. It’s possible to get alot from the food without eating much meat. http://bit.ly/1Afu93e

If you go easy on the meat, you have even more reason to go easy on the liver. If blood leaks into the space around the muscles,& breaks down, it releases free iron. This free iron could perpetuated any problems with free radicals, perhaps giving rise to a burning sensation in the gap areas. Be cautious about iron, etc, but make good use of it. Maintaining a high level of conditioning is another good iron strategy. Rich blood hoards more iron. It could speed you on your way and put some air under your feet ;-).

I have other strategies for improving oxygen transport. Be sure and check out my articles about winter training and cold adaptation. 

Winter bicycling may have some major #health benefits. – Cold temperatures, strength, and aerobic capacity #biking 


Let’s bone up for winter. – #fitness #running #biking #exercise #nutrition #carfree #lifespan #fasting #longevity #food #training



Running-induced gum line improvements and implications – #fitness #longevity #lifespan #running #aging #exercise #nutrition #biking #carfree #runners #polyphenols #polyphenol #health #flavonoids #nfat

I was abit shocked the other day to find some improvement along the gum line, so checked… http://bit.ly/183Qu7s . It’s no surprise that running would improve gum lines. Many of you will probably know that gum health is predictive for cardiovascular disease. The gums were already exceptionally healthy, which is why I was so shocked by the improvement. Running works. People used to say that the gums could not be regenerated. We now know better. There are some reports of gum soreness from running, but it is likely transient, and some adverse microorganisms probably can’t hack the training. Immune withdrawal and changes in the microflora also likely explain some of this discomfort. I’d suggest some disinfectant mouthwash. Massage it into the gum line with your tongue.
They are still studying the correlation between gum line and system inflammation: Clin Chim Acta:Degree of gingivitis correlates to systemic inflammation… It reminds me of the warnings that we have had about systemic inflammation, but also of NSAID and COXIB abuse. One would infer then that running reduces systemic inflammation. CR aficionados might recognize this – Cyclosporine-induced gingival overgrowth correlates with NFAT-reg… According to Wikipedia,”NFAT is also involved in the development of cardiac, skeletal muscle”. One supposes that physical activity suppresses NFAT in T-cells to reduce free radical load. Essentially, running would reduce adverse immune invasion in the gum line. and in other places as well, which explains many of the pleasant effects. This is also likely related to the beneficial adaptations in cardiac and skeletal muscle, and opposed to aberrant remodeling, such as fibrosis. It is not difficult to imagine how the CR-memetic flavonoids and polyphenols might amplify this beneficial effect of running. These molecules are known to affect NFAT activity.

Adverse immune invasion is coming to the forefront as one of the primary effects of aging. The effect of running and these molecules gladly appears to be ADDITIVE in this case. One of the great things about running is what it teaches you about the difference between pain and discomfort. Avoid abuse of painkillers. Less inflammatory load means that runners may need less aspirin and other painkillers, not more.

Assumption: perceived hunger level is a valid measure. – #training #swimming #running #health #food #diet #nutrition #fitness #carfree #biking #centuryride

If you are like me, you are hungry most of the time, and well able to eat a sufficient amount of food to produce the effect of obesity.

While this may seem like a trivial observation, it is not. It is  
merely commonplace. Some careful thinking yields helpful insights.
How many calories are needed? 
I think most people have the urge to eat far more calories than they
actually need to sustain a basic level of life. There is this 
unfortunate tendency to mystify the basal metabolic rate, but it is
dead easy to measure. Just measure the average weight loss during 
a sustained fast, and calculate the equivalent number of calories.
For a man of average size the number is around 1500 calories. This
is the number of calories that are needed to sustain basic life  
Why do we desire more than the minimum required amount of food? 
Obesity is clearly not the solution, but rather the problem. The 
only reasonable answer to this question is that we need to be doing
the amount of work that is commensurate with the amount of calories
that we desire to consume. In essence, our hunger is our incentive
to work. 
How much work is required?
Unfortunately, most people have no concept of the
amount of work that is required to burn off this many calories. An
afternoon in the gym may only burn only a few hundred calores, but by 
the measure of hunger, we must burn calories by the thousand.  
Consistently applied effort will yield the desired result. 
How hungry are you? Why be hungry all the time? Eat what you want, 
then work it off. 
There is obviously much more that can be said about this subject.
Hopefully people will share their insights. I'll be posting more about it later on.


Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements? – #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #nutrition #swimming #training

I've been thinking that swimmer's ear results primarily from excess ear wax. If I could beat that, I'd likely be in the water. Maybe a nice long fast will help with the ear wax and swimmer's ear. I'm planning one for this winter. If true, then more endurance may also help with ear wax, swimmer's ear issue.

Health problems associated with heavy training have been blown way out of proportion. Endurance athletes tend to be long lived. A theory can be proposed because an increase in capacity is associated with more longevity. Exercise is like CR and fasting. OTOH, a medical loss of capacity is associated with bad outcomes. This is also in the folk wisdom. A feeble handshake is associated with dire prospects. The theory predicts that a measured loss of hand strength is associated with bad outcomes. The kick is in the obverse. An increase in strength or endurance is a predictor of a longer life. It's not the scaler. Endurance changes yield a larger change in life expectancy than strength changes, but they are both valuable. A change in capacity is the predictor of outcomes. Strength and endurance changes are easily measurable. If the theory is true, then strength & endurance monitoring is life expectancy monitoring. 

It appears that CR-memetics, like flavonoids and other polyphenols speed acquisition of strength and endurance capacity. This observation supports the theory and implies that changes in athletic capacity are indeed coupled to changes in expected longevity. It also supports the notion that CR, memesis, and improved athleticism combine to improve longevity. Use them all together to get a better result. Athletic improvements may translate directly to a longer lifespan. If you are dubious about this theory, check the literature for grip strength correlates. It is an easy test. My test will be the swimmer's ear. I'm expecting improvement.

Yes, it is an easy test, and a valualble one. We have been lacking a way to measure our longevity progress in the short term. If this theory is true, then we have a new compass. 

Regarding training advice – #Ferguson #Prepping #aerobic #biking #carfree #exercise #fitness #food #health #isis #jamesfoley #maryland #nutrition #training

Some best gains came on bicycle vacations, where I rode long distances every day. Just add more recovery days at the end. I have no doubt that big strength gains can come from working out on consecutive days,but more rest days are also needed If you have a setback, no worries. Muscle loss is easy to recover, so push the limit.

My first century ride, 112 miles. \u2013 http://bit.ly/1oSRb3F PrettyBoy Dam \u2013 http://bit.ly/1rEhxuO

People should consider that Americans may receive bad advice masquerading as good advice. The problem is expected to worsen. For example, if the US economy is under attack, then Americans may receive unwise financial advice. People who are angry with the US government may direct their anger at the American people. US governmental agencies may fail in their obligation to protect Americans. Areas of possible attacks include bad advice regarding child-bearing, exercise, fitness, food, health, & nutrition. Capital investment may withheld and withdrawn as an attack on the US economy. People may be directed into unprofitable and diversionary schemes. Fortunately, the situation is not all gloom&doom, and a person can prepare for these adversities…. Prepping, financial preparation, and the acquisition of as much knowledge as possible are counter-measures. We need not just guns, but strong, healthy, knowledgeable, well-prepared people behind every blade of grass. Are you really going to spend the rest of your life as a tool, being manipulated by every black flag on TV? All of these problems are expected to get worse now, so get prepared for it, while you still can. Get trained now.



Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.

Looking for this? How to get out of bicycle-hostile Owings Mills, MD by the shortest route possible.





More #centuryride thoughts. #training #carfree #biking #fitness #health #exercise #ebola

One thing that triggered my writing today was that realization that heavy training gives me immediate relief from so many minor problems. This must be an alien feeling for most people. Just go to Google&try variations on the phrase "I feel so much better…" I felt much better after working out in the cold weather last year. Just can't escape the conclusion that most people don't get this. I rode my bicycle over 100 miles last Saturday, and today I feel much better than I have felt in a long time. Tomorrow, I might feel worse, if I don't work out again. I think most people have this exactly backwards. I used to get sore after working out. Now, I get more sore, when I don't work out. I'm not describing a bad thing. It is a good thing. Arthritics for example are well aware of this phenomenon. Work makes you feel better, not worse. Exercise is not an addiction or a distraction. It is what we need. Go and look at the photos of Ebola victims. It is clear that many of them got it from having sex with an infected person. It is clear that people have an unfortunate view of what is good for them. Sadly, I sometimes think that I'll be left with bats for company.

More on Jones Falls Trail – #biking #carfree #training #fitness #health #exercise #aerobic

I checked out the boundaries of the Jones Falls Trail last night. http://bit.ly/1oS4Ywk
The proposed stretch of Jones Falls Trail near Mt. Washington Pool looks beautiful. There'll be challenging switchbacks no doubt.. Looks like the woods were blocked off for recovery. They are thick and lovely. Ready access to a great bike trail should make the surrounding real estate more attractive.  Bicyclists who respect the green path will be attracted to the quiet beauty of this area of this area of Baltimore. More bicyclists means less noise.

More Liberty Reservoir photos. – #training #fitness #carfree #biking #maryland #health #bike #aerobic #bicycle #baltimore

Most of the people following this blog will know that Liberty Reservoir is one of my favorite bicycling destinations in Maryland.  It forms the boundary between Baltimore and Carroll County, and so it is a quick getaway. One of most beautiful parts of the reservoir is the Deer Park Rd bridge, a little known crossing that is difficult to find from the Baltimore side. I got my bike down there last night and snapped these photos. Take Deer Park and Nicodemous Roads to the bridge for an enjoyable 20 mile ride from Owing's Mills Metro Station and back, through some the most unique scenery in Baltimore County. Highly recommended.

Glen Rock Trip in new Google maps with altitude. – #training #exercise #carfree #biking #fitness #health #aerobic #baltimore #maryland

I enjoyed plotting out this route so much, and I thought it would be worth another try to embed the map. Hope it comes through this time. Here are the links to the original posts for more details about this trip. I now feel that this was one of my best and most challenging bicycle ride ever. The image shows over 5000 feet in uphill riding. I strongly recommend this ride, especially to learn how to get off of the NCR trail and take to the roads.




PrettyBoy Dam – #biking #carfree #fitness #exercise #health #training #aerobic #baltimore #maryland

After all my posts about PrettyBoy Reservoir, I thought that some might like to see photos from around the dam. IMHO, many of these photos are better than the PrettyBoy Dam photos in Google Image. I recommend riding your bicycle to the reservoirs&especially the dams surrounding the city. There are likely some challenging hills. According to the new Google Maps, I logged almost 2500 ft of uphills on this trip.

Climb 5000 ft of hills out of Baltimore #biking #carfree

A popular choice for distance bicycling in Baltimore is Pretty Boy Reservior, but most riders turn away from Pennsylvania after crossing the reservior, and head back to Baltimore. May I suggest turning left on Middleton road, in order to take in the hilly roads in Pennsylvania. Using this route, I was able to log over 5000 ft of uphills in almost 80 miles.

Here's the map link, and hopeful map embed.

… and some photos. The Pennsylvania border on Middleton road is quite different from what you see in areas closer to Gettysburg.

Michael L. Love

This scene from Falls Road Station was just a little too precious. Maryland.

I eat alot of parsley flakes. pic.twitter.com/zKz3mpQFcv

Seems that heavy combined with a high flavonoid diet causes natural opiate and cannabinoid molecules to linger on in the body. Certain neurotransmitters and hormones linger on as well. Michael L. Love: parsley and autism http://bit.ly/1ljGO9a Michael L. Love: parsley and bone loss http://bit.ly/1my3RhH bone health | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1f1b1vC Michael L. Love: Parsley odyssey continues | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/PgfBud The key discovery was that parsley is a great source of apigenin, which is a marvelous flavonoid molecule. http://bit.ly/1mP5Ah2

I eat alot of parsley flakes. pic.twitter.com/zKz3mpQFcv

Seems that heavy training combined with a high flavonoid diet causes natural opiate and cannabinoid molecules to linger on in the body. Certain neurotransmitters and hormones linger on as well. Michael L. Love: parsley and autism http://bit.ly/1ljGO9a Michael L. Love: parsley and bone loss http://bit.ly/1my3RhH bone health | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1f1b1vC Michael L. Love: Parsley odyssey continues | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/PgfBud The key discovery was that parsley is a great source of apigenin, which is a marvelous flavonoid molecule. http://bit.ly/1mP5Ah2


Some evidence that puffed grains have higher nutrient accessibility -puffed grain nutrient absorption -GoogleScholar http://bit.ly/1rmievE

Some evidence that puffed grains have higher nutrient accessibility -puffed grain nutrient absorption -GoogleScholar http://bit.ly/1rmievE My current favorite is organic puffed kamut. I add some frozen berries, which should help further with the nutrient absorption. Liquid yogurt with live cultures would be a good addition, tho I prefer soy milk. I'd also recommend including wood mushrooms in the diet. 
You might have to pay a little more for wood mushrooms, but they are likely worth the extra money to get access to more healthful tannins.

Some more thoughts about heavy training – #health #food #biking #carfree #fitness

 After a few seasons of training, I've realized that muscle growth leads to new nerve pathways, and these new pathways must be desensitized. Heavy training means exercising to the point of stress and strain, which leads to the release of stress hormones. Many of these stress hormones are androgenic and sculpt the body. You gain muscle, and lose a little somewhere else. This sculpting process affects joints,bones,blood vessels, the blood itself,&ultimately nerve pathways. Improvements abound in the ability to supply oxygen to the muscles&experience finer grained sensations. I fear that people give up training,since the experience of these new sensations is too intense for them … or people overindulge in food, alchohol,  or anti-inflammatories as a way of treating their discomforts. Such measures delay the natural and beneficial process of training. It is better to learn to distinguish pain from discomfort. Learn anatomy and study the new sensations instead of fighting them. Continue training to desensitize new neural pathways. The caveat is important. Training improves strength and endurance. I those things are not improving, then the regimen needs adjustment. Strain to joints and nerve pathways requires a longer time to recover, so don't forget to rest too. Another good sign of sculpting is that the discomfort moves from one part of the body to another. The body repairs this then that. Expect the discomforts to be in one place, then another later, seldom rising above a certain threshold. As a lifelong bicycle commuter, I'm getting alot of improvement in the quadriceps from heavy training. Discomforts have improved to a fine grained sensation, first in one part of the muscle, then in another. As the blood supply improves, new nerve pathways are laid down, which gives rise to these finer grained sensations. So don't be disconcerted about new sensations that are part of heavy training, & evolve over the years. I recommend experimenting with neuro-active peppers to get an idea of the scope of the new sensations that are possible in heavy training. A resistance to pepper spray may also come in handy some day. 😉 Anyone who is engaged in strength training can be expected to experience this evolution, at least in part, so be prepared for it.

stocky carrot greens – #health #food #biking #carfree #fitness

I put some carrot greens in my nachos today. They are a little tough, but add great texture when cooked. I recommend adding a little yogurt or raw cheese once in a while to get the most out of the fiber. Healthy people are strong. Strong people are stout. Stout people are powerful. Powerful people stand up for their #rights If you are getting tired of your greens & vegetables, try adding a little summer sausage once in a while to alter the flavor. Why not commit to a strenuous training regimen this season? Make use of the energy the warmer season brings. There are reports that people can dump the lipid pills, & they feel better, when they get more exercise instead. So, why not bone up this summer, and invest in yourself instead of lazy parasitic motor culture.

After posting my current workout recommendations, this morning, I thought people would like some of the dietary links as well.

Temperature, altitude, diet, and exercise can all be part of a longevity plan. Here is the link from this morning. http://bit.ly/1gMlnON
Follow the recommendations in that article for a couple of years, and you will learn the difference between pain and discomfort. 😉
My link to the USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods has become broken. Here is the new link. http://1.usa.gov/1gMlFVU
You might want to download your own copy of that, so that it does not get lost. 😉

I'm writing this because my current program and progress is likely strongly dependent on the flavonoids and other polyphenols in my diet.
The following dietary links hit the high points.
Michael L. Love: polyphenols, first round results http://bit.ly/VQ6say
Michael L. Love: Thai Black Rice update | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1lASRmr
Michael L. Love: Flavonoid blast fudge recipe | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1jy3TGB
Michael L. Love: proclus on Blogger: proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley and bone loss http://bit.ly/1my3RhH

Here are some articles primarily about parsley, which is a great way to get some greens and plenty of flavonoids.

proclus : Michael L. Love: Parsley odyssey continues | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/PgfBud
proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley as a preservative | GNU-Darwin Action Blog http://bit.ly/1h07U7h
proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley and autism – Michael L. Love's blog http://bit.ly/1gMmZIq
Michael L. Love: more parsley info, anti-diarrhea and other matters http://bit.ly/PgfKxY
Parsley, a brain food? http://bit.ly/1eagOsT

Here is a longer list- In your ear #NSA – #al #snowden #key #new #san #war #coli #drug #h1n1 #iraq #nbic #armed http://bit.ly/15W89VW

Here is a longer list- In your ear

In your ear #NSA – #al #snowden #key #new #san #war #coli #drug #h1n1 #iraq #nbic #armed #cyber #fever #fired #flood #irish #korea #lines

In your ear #NSA – #al #snowden #key #new #san #war #coli #drug #h1n1 #iraq #nbic #armed #cyber #fever #fired #flood #irish #korea #lines #media #mouth #narco #nerve #north #norvo #nuevo #power #qaeda #slide #squad #attack #binder #bomber #border #center #denial #domain #forest #hacker #hazmat #health #juarez #narcos #office #relief #sayyaf #system #terror #armyeta #banners #command #concern #desktop #disease #euskadi #extreme #hancock #labdrug #medical #mexican #nuclear #scanner #suicide #warning #weather #cartella #chemical #critical #domestic #facility #firecikr #homeland #material #national #outbreak #outbrown #pasofort #security #sleetmud #violence #abelbrute #authority #bombjihad #bornesick #broadcast #dedicated #detection #deviceied #explosive #fdapublic #firebrush #golfogulf #grownplot #hamasfarc #infection #ms-13drug #palestine #responder #smartbody #southwest #swinepork #terrorism #tigersplf #biological #crimegangs #federation