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Could learning languages and listening to over-dubbed audio could h elp with hearing loss? – #hearingloss #health #aging #fitness #languages

I can’t much about this yet, but I’m going to look into it further. There are hints. For example, language instruction may help with learning&listening skills. For the hardware minded, you need an audio compressor to make quality over-dubs. Language and has been studied mainly in children. The subject is pregnant with intimation, but nothing substantive. According to this article, the ability to learn languages does not decline with age.

The article contains a reference regarding accommodations to hearing-impaired language learners.

The idea that learning could affect hearing probably violates certain dogmas. For age-related hearing loss, there are reasons to believe that learning could help.

Of course, all of these arguments could also apply to training on a new musical instrument. Here is a example of the kind of thing I’m talking about from the article.

The development of the receptive skills (particularly listening) before the productive skills may have much to offer the older learner.

Tantalizing that language or musical training could reverse the early onset stage. The idea is that the rudiments of age-related hearing loss could be present in the brain before symptoms appear. Such mild cases might be reversed by cognitive training, like language or musical instrument learning.

Unlike languages, there is already much evidence that musical training can help For many of us, the idea that hearing and listening skills can be cultivated is the most tantalizing. We really need an anti-aging strategy for our ears.


Resveratrol and minoxidil synergistic?

I’m giving my first go with the minoxidil. As a longevity enthusiast, it is a fascinating experience. Current model predicts that minoxidil and flavonoids may have convergent effects, due to related effects on vascularization. Perhaps no surprise then, I seem to be responding well to the minoxidil, possibly good response appearing in the first 30 days. I should have another look at the literature. I would not be surprised to see a synergistic response combining with flavonoids. I’m responding well in my mid-50’s, I only have mildly thinning male pattern. My BP is good, but higher than I want. Minoxidil helps w/that.

Here is something. flavonoids may interfere with minoxidil metabolism. That would explain it.

Don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye on BP, and other contra-indications.

People always associate hair growth with the snake oil. It sadly impedes the research somewhat. There are some reports that apple polyphenols are a good minoxidil replacement. I can’t yet tell if this is serious.

The French have something that is maybe worth a look.

It looks like the European supplement community is combining minoxidil and resveratrol. No surprise. This all impinges on the MAOB inhibitor story. Wow! Minoxidil adverse reports are rare. No surprise I can’t find any problems with combining minoxidil and flavonoids.

Almost no research about this. This is interesting. There is

In this article, Hesperidin affects potassium current. Minoxidil also does this.

I’ll give further reports, if I learn anything
more about this.


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This was a useful doodad


Android TV sticks

Lately, I’ve been indulging my inner AV tech, among other things. The latest generation of Android TV sticks makes this more interesting. If you like network technology, you are bound to enjoy these small marvels. It is bound to make an impression on your friends.

There are many plans for these devices, and they are regularly updated. The Android TV stick technology is still young and evolving. If you want a head start on a clever new technology, time is running out. Get started soon. Fortunately, money is not much of an obstacle. If you have fast wireless & good TV, you have what you need to get started for less than $40. There are now many channels. Some people literally “cut the cord”, and use their TV for nothing but wireless access. Personally, I like wires. You should see all my wires. I’ll keep them.

There are FOSS projects for Android TV sticks, notably Kodi/XBMC, and lots of new books for beginners. If you are into arcane TV&movie genres, this is where the technology shines. There’s likely a channel for you, and even free access. There’s still lots of room for technology adepts to have some fun and impress their friends. OTOH, you don’t have to be a gear head. Major vendors are providing plug and play Android TV sticks for the masses. But, if you like doing things like side-loading non-vendor software and rooting Androids, you are going to have tons of fun.

If you brick the stick, hey, You’re only out $40. It’s almost irresistible. Most of the sticks coming out now are quad core, and they they are getting much faster. If you want to use it as a computer, it is there.

#ProLife – We now have a chance of victory. Operation Rescue \u2014 Stop Abortion Now! \u2026 United States pro-life movement – Wikipedia, the free … About the Pro-Life Action League \u2026 Abortion Facts | Students for Life

Seems to me that young people are avoiding pregnancy more. Maybe they don’t want an abortion?

Johnston’s Archive gets high marks for data and graphs. – statistics and other data
Operation Rescue has a great data and graphs page. – Abortions In America

Sadly, abortion rates may be falling only because people are having less children. The counter-argument is that the general public has a less favorable view of abortion than they have had in years. Second Amendment Foundation has an unparalleled data and graphs archive. We could really use something like that for the pro life community. With so many women having abortions, why don’t we know more about outcomes. A human life is taken, and we have so much trouble studying the societal effect. We cannot be content with over 1 million abortions every year. It’s time for a big change. If someone knows of other great pro life activism data that I haven’t mentioned, please let me know. National Right to Life | The nation’s oldest & largest pro-life … Maryland Right to Life
The Family: A Proclamation to the World Pro-Life America
Pro-Life Action League \u2026
Baby Developmental Facts – Prolife Across America

I really am signing up for all the action lists. Go to all the websites, study the data, & sign up for email alerts and activism. \u2026 Students for Life’s great compilation of risks. Breathe of fresh air!

Always a little resistance, eh? Yere is unbroken link. #lds #mormon #sharegoodness #ldsconf #tcot #freemasons #ccot #byui #byu

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Radical Mutant RMs have alot of fun. Discussion files are back online.

#lds #mormon #sharegoodness #ldsconf #tcot #freemasons #ccot #byui #byu

Mutant RMs and Radical Mormons discussion archives are back online. #lds #mormon #sharegoodness #ldsconf #tcot #freemasons #ccot #byui #byu

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Those who have been following me for a long time may know about Mutant RMs and Radical Mormons. The discussion archives are back online.

Radical Mutant RMs have alot of fun. Discussion files are back online. http://pr
#lds #mormon #sharegoodness #ldsnf #tcot

The Radical Mormon: editor, contributors, and links
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Can biochemical synergy explain higher recuperative powers? – #aging #biking #carfree #cataracts #diet #exercise #fitness #flavonoid #food #health #lifespan #longevity #maculardegeneration #nutrition #polyphenol #running #sunscreen #sunscreen. #workout

All of this started several years ago with some 20 mile bike rides. Don’t be distressed to start small and work up to it. If you exercise for hours in the sunshine, sunscreen is must. Don’t forget it. It is always sad to see these exceptional athletes with skin cancer. Use it. I don’t think that food interventions are sufficient against UV rays. No doubt, some foods increase the risk of sunburn.

BTW, this looks like a good test for vision problems. There are some examples of what can go wrong with the test here -> There must be many other types of vision tests people can do online. This is a great topic!

Here is the current state of my polyphenol and flavonoid diet recommendations. The idea is to accelerate athletic progress by improving recuperation times. More work is needed in this area. I’d be delighted to hear any suggestions. Improved recuperation could explain so much that is hard to understand about high athleticism. It is necessary to heal faster, in order to do what many accomplished athletes are doing. It is reasonable to think about higher recuperative powers, because the effects of beneficial diet and exercise are additive. We may soon discover synergy between longevity nutrition and high athleticism. Synergy, not in the fluffy magical sense, but in the biochemical sense. The real synergy. It is difficult for me to explain the gum line result without resort to biochemical synergy.


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Increase METs level for longevity – #fitness #running #exercise #he alth #workout #biking #nutrition #aging #longevity #fitfam #lifespan #gym # pollen #pets #asthma #allergy #allergies #survival #diet #run #healthylivin g #fitnessfriday #fasting #carfree #angina #Intervals

I’ve been pointing out much data about METs lately. Intervals are likely the best way to increase your METs level.

Here is a good Mayo Clinic article about it.

MassGen:Decreased red blood cell clearance appears to predict development and worsening of serious diseases

Frontiers | Red blood cells in sports: Effects of exercise and training on oxygen supply by red blood cells

Overall, athletes have a larger and younger population of RBCs. Based on the MassGen article, this could be a disease avoidance strategy. Mitochondrial and RBC counts do not improve significantly overnight.

I’ve presented some strategies for improving RBC and mitochondria counts in this

It seems clear that a decrease in RBC turnover is related directly to inactivity, so get moving.

Here is a related article for the ladies. – Iron status and exercise

The theory is cold adaptation and physical activity boosts mitochondrial and RBC counts, leading to enhanced performance.

Here is another related article. Cold temperatures, strength, and aerobic capacity

High athleticism is a good strategy for turning over those old, broken RBCs.

Treadmill Performance Predicts Mortality- Google Search

We really did need a new formula. Yale nomogram is givning me zero CVD risk. If you have no angina and you workout in the high athletic range, then Yale nomogram predicts no CVD risk.

This table is very handy, and provides many correlations.

There are many ways to scale your workout to these tables. Pulse rate and calories per hour are quite useful. There are many great web calculators and graphs to help get at these numbers. If you are running or biking up steep hills, use a stair calorie calculator. Another great trick is to use the Google bike maps to obtain changes in altitude.

Why be satisfied with single digit risk, when you can reduce it to near zero? The FIT treadmill test graphs are still behind a paywall, but the Yale nomogram will be adequate in the interim.

If you have no angina, draw a line from “None” to your METs level to obtain CVD risk. If you exceed the max, use a ruler to extrapolate to your value. 😉

One of the most fascinating thing about the FIT equation is the possibility of predicting future longevity. Such extrapolations are expected to be accurate within a range of about 20 years. When used as a lower limit, the predictive power is much higher. Coming advances favor longer lifespan. Research indicates higher METs levels correlate with lower rates of death from ALL CAUSES.

Longevity nutrition is the key to pushing the lifespan envelope at this time. The benefit of diverse approaches can add together. The benefit longevity nutrition adds to the benefit of athletic training.

BTW, here is a good article about allergy and asthma prevention.

First step on allergies: Clean up the indoor atmosphere

Now is the right time for more spring cleaning, which is also healthy work. Another way to beat allergies is to go out for a big workout.

RT: US #drone strikes kill US, Italian hostages in #Pakistan – #syria #isis #ypg #is #iran #tcot #pjnet #kurdistan #iraq #yemen #kobane

RT: US #drone strikes kill US, Italian hostages in #Pakistan – #syria #isis #ypg #is #iran #kurdistan #iraq #yemen #kobane

Happy Spring!


Michael L. Love

Good morning all. Michael L. Love March 2015

Good morning all.

Michael L. Love March 2015

Longevity and risk – #fitness #health #aging #lifespan #airtravel #longevity #germanwings #biking #wellness #running #nutrition #healtth #carfree

People who get immersed in the longevity pursuit inevitably must consider risk and death rates. Here is my contribution to that genre. I’m looking at death rates today. I was stunned to learn that bad nutrition causes about as many deaths as violence does. One of the most deadly things people can do is to get in their cars and drive down the street.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills more people than cancer, though the total is comparable for each. Wikipedia has some older statistics where the cardiovascular (CV) risk is much higher than cancer, . Falls are another major cause of death. It is known that you can substantially reduce the risk of falling with balance and agility exercises. Some claim that the police kill many more people than the crooks. According to the CDC report, this is a dubious claim. Looks like Wikipedia table has problems wrt. infectious diseases; a major cause of death. Check CDC pdf. . The 2010 CDC report has a particular interpretation. I’m sure someone has an explanation for this. . It is not always clear that newer data is better data. The wine gets better with age, as they say ;-). Wikipedia stops at 5% risk. If 95% of your cohort dies before you, you are sure to get A grade, but you will be just as dead. 😉

It is distressing that after 40 years of explanations, people still don’t know that you can reduce your CV risk to near zero, and that the risk of many other causes of death go down commensurately with CV risk. WHO has a chart that puts it all into stark perspective. . A problem with risk assessments is that they fail to account for the consistent application of beneficial behaviors. We are lumped in with those doing unwise things year after year. For example, a good driver does not substantially increase his risk of causing an accident by driving more, just as non-smokers do not accrue risk of dying from a smoking-related illness by adding more non-smoking years. If you are making wise choices, you should not base your risk assessment on the unwise choices of other people. About 50% of people die of CVD, cancer, or related problems, but you can reduce this risk to near zero. Why wouldn’t people want this?

The motor and air travel industries achieve their impressive statistics by reducing risk for large groups of people. If you are a bad pilot or driver, you have destroyed the advantage of those great statistics. OTOH, the industry has defined the risk very narrowly to get their great statistics. Industry statistics do not take into account the health consequences of air travel, such as radiation and bad layovers. Consider the contrast with bicycling, which enhances your health in countless ways. Air travel does the opposite of that. Similar arguments can be made for motor travel. My advice is to drive sparingly to maintain ability, avoid air travel altogether, and find more healthful ways to get around, like biking or running.



Some notes about #Iron and #Fitness. – #fitness #running #biking #iron #lifespan #aerobic #nutrition #exercise #prepping #longevity #health #food #carfree #run #polyphenols #flavonoids

High RBC counts should help with the retention of iron.

NIH:Study shows iron supplementation after blood donation shortens hemoglobin recovery time

I recommend stopping iron supplementation after the suggested number of weeks. People who give blood regularly will likely know if they are in the low or high iron group.

Did great on the hills, so probably right about blood donation, etc. I think the added capacity means more iron free hemoglobin sites available.  It would be great to have supplementation guidelines for well-conditioned athetes, so that they don’t overshoot. Too iron much is bad. It’s also likely best to leave a surplus of iron free hemoglobin sites, to clear free iron after RBC turnover.

Given all those caveats, well-conditioned athletes likely have sufficient excess heme to benefit greatly from additional iron. The possibility of providing for additional oxygen transport is very alluring. I can’t rule out the possibility that the two iron pills also helped on the hills. If you don’t believe 2 pills could help, then crunch the numbers. You will see for yourself.

I see some evidence of over-ingestion of in the athletic community. This is bad folks. Please avoid. Those studying exercise cardiomyopathy should check for over-ingestion of iron, etc. As a reminder, too much iron is problematic. The NIH used a low dose. 

Here is another link to the NIH blood supplementation article

Along with the caveat, I’m also grateful that iron supplements are readily available to anyone, without a prescription. The human body does all the marvelous iron chemistry w/ 4.2 grams of the stuff total.  It is likely that microgram levels of iron supplementation could have a large effect over the course of time. To put this in perspective, the body has a more than a full kilogram of calcium. Unlike iron, calcium has relatively low toxicity

I strongly recommend the cast iron griddles to protect your supply. Don’t overcook on the iron griddles tho. That’s another big problem! Google has a list of iron food sources. It’s possible to get alot from the food without eating much meat.

If you go easy on the meat, you have even more reason to go easy on the liver. If blood leaks into the space around the muscles,& breaks down, it releases free iron. This free iron could perpetuated any problems with free radicals, perhaps giving rise to a burning sensation in the gap areas. Be cautious about iron, etc, but make good use of it. Maintaining a high level of conditioning is another good iron strategy. Rich blood hoards more iron. It could speed you on your way and put some air under your feet ;-).

I have other strategies for improving oxygen transport. Be sure and check out my articles about winter training and cold adaptation. 

Winter bicycling may have some major #health benefits. – Cold temperatures, strength, and aerobic capacity #biking 

Let’s bone up for winter. – #fitness #running #biking #exercise #nutrition #carfree #lifespan #fasting #longevity #food #training

Why do #vaccination workers get killed South Asia? Because the US used fake #vaccines on people there. #measles #is #iraq #isil #isis #tcot

Why do #vaccination workers get killed South Asia? Because the US used fake #vaccines on people there. #measles #is #iraq #isil #isis #tcot

30 years of the longevity pursuit. – #biking #running #fitness #exercise #carfree #nutrition #lifespan #parsley #longevity #diet #fasting #aging

For years, I’ve considered parsley flavonoid to be my top find, but the additive effects of running could vastly overshadow that. It’s fortunate, when one thing builds upon another. Without a lifelong habit of biking, the running would have been more difficult. Biking and bicycle commuting are the foundation of the whole thing, something I learned on my LDS mission.
Michael L. Love: A personal statement
This Mormon upbringing gave me a familiarity with fasting and its benefits, which preceded much of the research. I also decided on the life sciences path on my mission.The reason was explicit. I was interested in longevity.
Hi I’m Michael L. Love | Mormon | 1X8C –
It is necessary to have many beneficial things already in place to observe the additive benefit of running.
Most people who know me would likely agree that I’ve given my life to this work. Fortunately, it is a pleasant undertaking. Longevity, nutrition, fitness: Who doesn’t want these? After 30 years of this, it is great to see it all panning out so well. Some might consider it a selfish undertaking, but not so. I’ll eagerly continue to share all of the beneficial tips. Sharing longevity tips is likely a great way to leave a lasting impact.
Running-induced gum line improvements and implications –
Let’s bone up for winter.

Running-induced gum line improvements and implications – #fitness #longevity #lifespan #running #aging #exercise #nutrition #biking #carfree #runners #polyphenols #polyphenol #health #flavonoids #nfat

I was abit shocked the other day to find some improvement along the gum line, so checked… . It’s no surprise that running would improve gum lines. Many of you will probably know that gum health is predictive for cardiovascular disease. The gums were already exceptionally healthy, which is why I was so shocked by the improvement. Running works. People used to say that the gums could not be regenerated. We now know better. There are some reports of gum soreness from running, but it is likely transient, and some adverse microorganisms probably can’t hack the training. Immune withdrawal and changes in the microflora also likely explain some of this discomfort. I’d suggest some disinfectant mouthwash. Massage it into the gum line with your tongue.
They are still studying the correlation between gum line and system inflammation: Clin Chim Acta:Degree of gingivitis correlates to systemic inflammation… It reminds me of the warnings that we have had about systemic inflammation, but also of NSAID and COXIB abuse. One would infer then that running reduces systemic inflammation. CR aficionados might recognize this – Cyclosporine-induced gingival overgrowth correlates with NFAT-reg… According to Wikipedia,”NFAT is also involved in the development of cardiac, skeletal muscle”. One supposes that physical activity suppresses NFAT in T-cells to reduce free radical load. Essentially, running would reduce adverse immune invasion in the gum line. and in other places as well, which explains many of the pleasant effects. This is also likely related to the beneficial adaptations in cardiac and skeletal muscle, and opposed to aberrant remodeling, such as fibrosis. It is not difficult to imagine how the CR-memetic flavonoids and polyphenols might amplify this beneficial effect of running. These molecules are known to affect NFAT activity.

Adverse immune invasion is coming to the forefront as one of the primary effects of aging. The effect of running and these molecules gladly appears to be ADDITIVE in this case. One of the great things about running is what it teaches you about the difference between pain and discomfort. Avoid abuse of painkillers. Less inflammatory load means that runners may need less aspirin and other painkillers, not more.

Let’s bone up for winter. – #fitness #running #biking #exercise #nutrition #carfree #lifespan #fasting #longevity

The caveat of the cold adaptation training is to avoid actual hypothermia and frostbite. If you are training in the cold, you should look up the symptoms of these problems, so that you can avoid them. One solution for me is to workout near the train lines. If you need to bail, the nice warm train is not far. Bicyclers can include a blanket or additional warm clothes in the panniers. If you are running in the near athletic range, adding a light pack for cold weather is also probably a good idea. Essentially, if you have proven to yourself that you can run 10 miles every day, then adding a light pack is no big deal.

High athleticism creates diagnostic dilemmas, so in order to avoid unnecessary problems, going to the doctor should be a last resort. Try detraining before going to the doctor. One example of a diagnostic dilemma results from the fact that muscular types are sometimes misdiagnosed as obese. Another might be the presence of low levels of heart proteins, like cardiac troponin T (cTnT) in the blood, or small abberations in the ECG. Essentially, sick people are under alot of strain, and that strain sometimes looks mistakenly like the strain of healthful physical activity.

This study looks at the biomarkers of both skeletal and cardiac muscle damage.

All of us who are working out near the high athletic level are probably aware that it is not unusual to find muscle protein in the blood. We tell people that physical activity results in beneficial cardiovascular adaptations. Let’s keep it consistent. There is almost no coronary disease in age under 40, but they get cTnT in the blood too. cTnT levels correlate with training level. If you are well-conditioned, don’t worry about low-level cTnT in the blood.

More cold weather training notes

There must be a way to show that cTnT release predicts beneficial adaptation in the heart muscle. The problem is that we are so often studying disease instead of health and fitness. If you have a known heart condition, caveats obviously apply, but using low-level cTnT as a diagnostic tool would lead to too many dilemmas wrt. physical activity, IMHO. The problem would be compounded by similar dilemmas surrounding the BMI calculation. Many athletes sometimes keep mild symptoms to themselves, such as mild syncope or paresthesia, and the reason is obvious. Medical dilemmas lead to errors, and erring on the side of caution can harm people who are trying to do the right thing.

BTW, I can’t wait to try my gel Cumulus running shoes. Wow! 6+ miles on the hills planned for Saturday, and lap time continues to improve. This is great progress. I only wish I could run much more! Time will tell. experience was indispensable. Many people would find the discomfort unbearable, but the pain is transient and mild, and the knees and quads recover quickly. The benefit is clear in the improved running capacity.

Regarding training advice\u2013

Here are the experiments. You can prove it to yourself.

Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements?

Athletic improvements remind a person about the reasons they are trying to live healthy. Exuberance is implicit in the process. A lap for me is 1.5 miles around the lake. I’m loving it. I should have started running laps around Druid Hill Park lake years ago. Running in the hills is a big thrill!

Using this training schedule, I’ve cut 4 minutes off my lap time. Improvement continues

When I get tired of the level path around the lake, hills and fields are just up the road. I love this place, Druid Hill Park. There are also dirt roads, shale stone trails, dirt trails, curbs, and circuit training stations, and lots of deer. The view is great, especially from the dam. You can see the whole city. All, to say nothing of Baltimore Zoo, which is right in the middle of the park. Light rail stops dot the path to the northwest ridges, the Jones Falls Trail. It is runner’s paradise.

Biking v. running

Every time I hear the word “run” or “running” now, my ears perk up. It is so common in metaphor and parlance. When the body begins to acquire new capacity, it craves for more and more. I’m looking forward to my run today. I’ve been running off and on over the years, always to a false start. This time it is different. I’m making the best progress that I’ve ever made, thanks to fasting and a great training schedule. It is expected that within a month or two, I’ll be attaining to speeds that I only ever dreamed of. Don’t worry about the competition tho. My legs are rather short, and my feet have supination. 😉

My first century ride, 112 miles

Liberty reservoir, PrettyBoy, etc, via bicycle –

After running in the hills the first time, I detrained for almost a week. The resulting recovery was a tremendous confidence builder. The detraining regimen is indispensable, but once you demonstrate recovery, get back to the training schedule. Distance is currently up to 6 miles. Calf strains are long gone,& I’m getting larger calf diameter. IMHO, if this trend continues, it will be another example of the beneficial effect of flavonoids and other polyphenols on muscle wear&tear.

Once I demonstrated that I could century ride on a bicycle reliably, running was the obvious next step for me. I hit the hills even harder this week, and I recovered more quickly as well. I’m really looking forward to pushing into the athletic range, in order to see if the benefits continue to accrue. The training schedule is friend. I would gladly run much too far without it. It occurs to me that failure in young athletes often results from failure adhere to a scientific training schedule. Another big pitfall is the temptation to set aside the diet that gave them success. Athletes who are successful in their youth probably learned exceptional nutrition skills from their mothers, and they should stick with that.

Assumption: perceived hunger level is a valid measure.

More Interval Fasting Notes

Birds, bats, and bicycles –

The model is that cold weather training promotes propagation of the mitochondria, but… In my view, the nutrition recommendations are more important. It’s also useful to think of cold weather training in the same way as fasting: something that burns calories w/o any physical exertion. Fasting produces a larger caloric benefit, but cold weather training might also help. So, if you are minding the nutrition recomendations, here are the cold weather training recs….

Scroll thru this blog roll for 2 winter bicycling articles.

Cold temperatures, strength, & aerobic capacity

BTW, this is one great motivation to run. – Be sure and scroll down to the phenethylamines link. It’s an eye opener.

Anyone who thinks of adding mitochondrial capacity also needs to think of boosting RBC count. It appears that the flavonoids and other polyphenols improve mitochondrial count, but they also protect the mitochondria from damage. Cold weather training and fasting are ways to push those benefits farther, and they may help with the RBC count too. Sub-freezing weather is returning. I should be able to report about the added foot protection soon. I bought some winter boots for riding and hiking. I’m hoping for a large increase in the winter bicycling range, commensurate with the increase in RBC and mitochondrial counts.

Some organizations are loathe to give up their heavy weather secrets. Other agencies may withhold crucial information for reasons that are not in the benefit of others, or guide people into unfruitful paths. Over-competitive types are often all too happy to take advantage of our weaknesses. I recommend finding better associates. Ultimately, we take responsibility for our own training. Good luck with yours.

More cold weather training notes – #fitness #running #biking #exercise #lifespan #fasting #aging


Last night my toes were numb. Today, I feel hearty. Go figure. Happy winter! I also noticed the vibration in the fingers this morning. This is good progress. It would be worth looking at the frequency of the vibration, which is similar to shivering vibration and tongue trill. People also say you can get a taste of this, as it were, from szechuan peppers, which can also produce numbness. These peppers are ironically noted for their heat, but they are overloading the channels that are related to cold sensation. It was in the low 20s F. I also noticed the hills were a good remedy for sleepiness. Breathe harder.
Clearly, there is more to the numbness and sleepy sensations than just the channels. 😉 Increased urgency is also consistent with the benzoate derivatives theory. Cold produces more incomplete metabolic products. Darned irritating, especially on a bicycle, where there is more pressure on the bladder. I enjoyed a hot breakfast this morning, very much.
The feet stay sore longer in the cold. I was reminded my feet are mildly supinated, which probably explains why I'm running again, but so late in life. It's really a proverb. Nice thing about this situation is that I can bring a lifetime of biochemical study to the pursuit.