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Michael L. Love: parsley as a preservative, etc

I am afraid that I have not been a very good health and food blogger over the past couple of days. Most readers probably know that I am also a scientist and and avid hacker, and I have spent quite some time recovering from a power outage and pushing out qr-code and mobile-x technology. For the food and health readers, hear is a summary of recent healthful living stories, just in case you missed one.

Parsley spaghetti – Vox
Michael L. Love: parsley and autism
Michael L. Love: parsley and autism
aspirin hiatus
aspirin hiatus upshot
more parsley info, anti-diarrhea and other matters
parsley and allergies
parsley and allergies follow-up
parsley and autism
parsley and bone loss
parsley and triglycerides
parsley as a preservative
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parsley recipe alert!
proclus : Michael L. Love: aspirin, etc
proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley and, etc
proclus : Michael L. Love: parsley and, etc


Michael L. Love: Parsley spaghetti

I still feel a little strange adding 2 cups of parsley flakes to a pot of spaghetti, but the result is quite luscious, and of course, eminently healthful as well.  I have been piling the parsley flakes on nachos too, and find that it is not to hard to get almost a full cup of parsley flakes every day.  If you have more suggestions about how to get more parsley into the food, please let me know.  For example, a little red salmon improves the taste considerably, and likely aids enormously in the absorption of the parsley apigenin flavonoid.  There are plenty of parsley recipe ideas in the right sidebar, and there are more links in my Greenpeace blog.  More to follow.


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