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Michael L. Love: I love posterous!

Michael L. Love
telepresence guru

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Love posterous! This will be a great resource for blogging on the following topics. Expect regular action here.

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GNU-Darwin: adding blog service?

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I was thinking of adding a blog service to the web services bundle, but
I haven’t decided yet on a plan, and I am open to suggestions from the
users. Of course, there is Joomla and Drupal, but there is also the
option of making an Advogato-like site, or building something
ourselves. Of course, getting up and running with minimal effort is
just as important as a high quality, full-featured blog system ;-}, and
these two factors must be balanced. If you have a preference, please
write in, and I will poll the results. Other options might include some modification of software that we
already have installed, that would do the job, and examples come to
mind. Perhaps there is a wiki-like system that also doubles as a good
blogging system. Low overhead, is obviously another factor, as I really
don’t have much time for maintenance of the blogging system. All
suggestions are welcome. FYI, here is the address of our web services login. If you don’t
already know what we offer, you can check out our existing services
there. Although we already offer web hosting, blogging offers certain
additional advantages.